Saturday, July 27, 2013

I'm not very good at this...

Not the best at updating this thing, am I?  Welp, here's that latest.


Dallin is home!
We made some pretty rad (and reusable!) shirts.  And by we I mean my mom.
We made some pretty rad signs.  And by we, I mean me.
Still my favorite picture from the whole day.
A lady in his mission knitted him this little mini-Smiley doll.

It's been so fun to have him home!  Dallin and Abbey's kitty, Twila.
Logan got his mission call!!
He will be serving in the Leeds, England mission.  That is north of where Dallin was, but they both were sent to the MTC in Preston!  He leaves August 21.

The Elders Cole love England!
There were so many people here to listen to him open his call that we had to go outside!  He read it on the mailbox, and as soon as England was announced, Dallin (who had been home about five days) jumped up on the mailbox to hug.

Love this picture!  Right after Lo read his call.
Here is where I have to interject and tell the story of how I am a terrible sister. 

After two weeks of agonized waiting, several jokes had been made as to what would happen if someone had intercepted Logan's call, and hidden it.  One day, after declaring the mail without a call, I mentioned that no one even suspected me of such a nefarious deed.
"You could never keep a straight faee" they said.
"You'd never be able to do it" they said.
challenge accepted.
So one Friday, I came home from somewhere, and I was the only one.  And as I pulled into my driveway, I knew it was here.  I could just feel that it was in the mailbox.  So I looked, and there it was!  I hid it under my pillow (I only had a minute, I was running off to work) and began to hatch my plan.
Three days later...I was feeling rrreaallllyyy bad.  I hadn't told either of my parents, only Dallin knew.  I had truly expected Logan to find it Friday night, and now it was Sunday night.  So I told my mom.  And I told my dad.  And my dad laughed and laughed and laughed.  And my mom looked horrified.
So Logan came home from wherever he had been, and is talking to us about something (prom, maybe?) and I ask him, "Logan, do you ever just lay in bed and look up at your ceiling?"  He told me that was something only women do.  I mentioned to him it might be worth his while to try it.  Dad cooked up all these reasons Logan should go to his room, and Lo dodged all of them.  Finally, I followed Logan to his room, where he barrel rolled onto his bed, "Look Brenn, this is how I get in bed."  I walked over, and pushed up so he was laying on his back.  He didn't see it.  We talked there for a few minutes.  He never once looked up.  I finally looked up.  And back at him.  And up.  And back at him.  And up, with extreme exaggeration.  And he finally saw it.  Taped to his ceiling, right above his pillow, was his mission call.

This is what he looked like the next three hours.

In other missionary news, 
Jake got his mission call!

We definitely didn't see that one coming.
This actually happened first, in the timeline of events (February, I think?)  Jake had been living with us while he prepared for his mission and worked.  When his call finally arrived, he was really nervous.  We had a house full here to hear him, and when he finally got that envelope opened, he read, 
"Dominican Republic!"
And we yelled, and were excited, and much happiness ensued.  Dominican Republic!  Someone asked what language--and his friend called out "Spanish, duh" and Jake read "French!"
Yayyy!!  Wait....what? 
But we went with it.
A few minutes later, a member of our bishopric asks to see his call.  And he notices something.
Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Africa, Jake.  Africa.

Elder Naughton reported to the Provo MTC June 26.  He has two (almost one!) more weeks, and then he will be headed to Africa!

This pretty Sister got her call too--Costa Rica!

Our first "Sister Cole"!!
In other news...

Science Center!
Josh was home for about 30 seconds this summer between EFY sessions, so we went to the Science Center for First Friday--adults get in free!

Logan graduated!  And kissed a girl!
Logan graduated from Mountain View; Dallin learned how to photobomb, and we are breaking Katie in to kissing pictures!

I can't believe we are this old.
Heidi came to visit when he brother came home from his mission, and we had a mini Jr High friend reunion--so fun!
Baby Nathan!
Heidi's baby boy Nathan--such a sweetie!  

Stella hates pictures.
Just a random Brenn and Stella photoshoot.
I cried like a baby all the way to my car.  :(
I left my job with Victoria's Secret.  It was a great job, and I loved the people I met, and I learned a lot, but it was time.  I'm now working as a dispatcher for Collin's Comfort Masters, and AC company.  It was a lot harder than I thought to say goodbye to VS--I'm still seriously missing my discount, and I met a lot of great girls there.

Josh and I had a slight problem...
When I was in Utah for Christina's farewell, I visited Josh in Provo--we were out and about, and when we went to go home, the key wouldn't turn!  You know those moments when you know something is about to happen a split second before it does?  Totally called breaking the key.  Thank heavens his roommate was home to bring us an extra!

Baby Avery at Christina's farewell.
Also got to play with this cutie all day every day while in Utah.  Those cheeks get me every time!

Good hair day--woohoo!!
Still loving the red hair, and getting bigger and better messy buns!

Woohoo!!  Now we all have matching wrestling t-shirts
Logan took 6th in the State Wrestling Championships!!  It was so fun to go up and watch him as his wrestling career came to a close.
Buffalo is Prescott wear hats, too.
Chuckles and Momma Cole at the last wrestling meet.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

I love it when you read a chapter in the scriptures you've read a hundred times, and get something you've never understood before out of it.

I just finished reading Jacob 5--the long one about the Lord and his vineyard.  I'm sure I was slow to catch on here, but it was such a sweet experience to get a deeper understanding to the parable.  I already had it hashed out in to the time periods represented--before Christ, during His life, during the Apostasy, the Latter Days, and the Millennium.  I had a few notes from Seminary written in them, a few things hi-lighted.  This was a different reading experience.  Towards the end of the chapter, I was inspired to count how many times the Lord grieves over the lost trees.  This man is serious about his fruit.  He grieves over the loss of this tree, and that tree, and the bad branches, and more and more and over and over.  And he works like a dog to fix it--digs and prunes and dungs and nourishes--even when the entire vineyard is completely bad, and he's better off to burn it all and start over.

  We are the trees.  The Lord grieves every time one of us falters, falls, doubts, or leaves.  And he works His butt off (am I allowed to say that? Hmmm...) to help us.  Even when it looks hopeless, and it would be easier to start completely over.  Even when there's not really any time, and He should be harvesting.  He's still working really hard to save us.  He doesn't ever give up on a single tree.  And in the end--all of his trees are producing good fruit.  In the end, I think all of us will be doing it right too.

Somehow I feel like when Heavenly Father makes a goal to get all of His children back to him, he's not gonna settle for anything less than 100%.  I bet He's a perfectionist that way.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Time is passing so slowly for me right now.  When I realized I was only three weeks in to 2013, it was a little unsettling--I could have sworn it was mid-February by now.  Very strange.

Not much to report this week, except I've been feeling the urge to document my outfits?  I've never wanted to do that before, but I get dressed and most days think "Self, you should take a picture of this."  I usually don't, but it's a strange compulsion.  Maybe I'll start.  Then I can use "OOTD" hashtags.  I don't know if that's a good thing, but hey.  I had this thought today--I got new shoes at Last Chance (Botox on Wednesday meant a Mom and Daughter trip to Last Chance) that I think might be a bit classier than I am, so I worked really hard to make it work this morning.  I liked how it turned out--it felt very 70's, but in a good way.  I didn't take a picture, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

I cleaned my room tonight--blogging from my couch--holla!  I have this deep-seated need to count my shoes and report that number to a friend.  Unfortunately, the friend and are are now exes, and not friends.  It was weird to have to stop and put my phone down since he no longer cares about my growing shoe collection (89 pairs, since you asked).  He probably didn't care in the first place, but I've been doing it for years anyway.

It's strange how relationships change.  (Can you tell I'm on a strange kick tonight?)  It hurts to think how someone who was once your very best friend is only just friending you on facebook, and you haven't spoken in years, even though at one point you just knew you'd never be parted.  Or the boy you thought was the one (how Ted Mosby of me!) that you just realized you'll never talk to ever again, if when you broke up close to a year ago.  The girlfriends you never thought you wanted, and the one you drift from, even though you originally had SO much in common.

It's strange to realize you're in a place in your life you never expected, and to see your friends in various stages from completely different, to eerily close.  To suddenly have dreams again, but not know how to start them.  To suddenly have dreams big enough to scare you.  Too big to talk about, almost too big to think about.  I haven't put myself in a position to fall on my face in a long time--its uncomfortable, and it hurts, and I'd rather not, but I feel like I've made this huge maturity leap this three week year.  I'm sure my mother doesn't agree, and I don't blame her, but I can't deny that I feel old this year.  I finally feel a need to change my life.  To shake it up and make it do what I want, instead of floating through time and going with the flow.  I hope it works.  I don't exactly remember how to push myself, how to be the deeply buried over-achiever that I used to be.

We'll see.

Friday, January 11, 2013

My life of late

I'm kind of failing at this blogging/journaling situation.  Here's what's been happening in my life lately.

So my job situation is a bit insane.  I'm not at the Title Company anymore.  I'm still at Victoria's Secret. I was asked to apply for a second job with Lucky Brand while trying on jeans.  Sweet.  Accidentally got a second "second job" at Desert Garden Montessori as a late day teacher.  So I'm working three-ish jobs.  Lucky is pretty stingy with hours.  (currently getting less than ten hours a that's great).  The Montessori school is fantastic.  I'm in the 3-6 age group, and I am loving every single second.  My lead teacher and her TA are fantastic.  The kids are hilarious and wonderful.  By far my favorite job right now.  Victoria's is going okay, lots of late nights, but going well overall.  I like the selling team at Lucky a lot, but the lack of hours is kind of killing me.

I'll tell the rest of my life in pictures, it's more fun that way.

1.  I've been playing with makeup, and learning how to wear eyeliner.  Woo!
This one was for Halloween, I promise I don't do that every day.  

2.  Logan and I are cool and have matching red pants.
Seriously love this kid. 

3.  Made Stella participate in an impromptu photoshoot.  She was not amused.

4.  Cut bangs!  This might be my favorite haircut I've ever had.

5.  Painted the living room with Momma.  We struggled on color choice.

6. Had a fantastic Thanksgiving--these cuties came from Texas to visit!  And I was declared the favorite by all of them.  Rylee (the oldest one) insisted this picture be my screensaver on my phone the moment it was taken.

7.  Started my new gig in Primary!  Primary pianist is so much fun. 

8.  Thanksgiving snuggles with Tyse.  I seriously considered moving to Texas that weekend. 

9. Can you blame me?

10.  Stella thought she was a Christmas present, and was ALWAYS under the tree.

11.  We convinced mom to join the red pants party.  Still working on Dad though.
My pants are green--thought I should balance it out, since Mom and Logan both wore red ones for Christmas Eve.

12.  I learned how to make bread.

13. I learned how to burn myself making bread.

14.  I upgraded my oven mitts to welding gloves.  I still burned myself.  And the kitchen rug.
It was a situation.

15.  The best  Christmas present of all!!  We got to have our last skype sesh with Elder Cole!!  Only 88 more days until he's home!!

16.  My dad got me a sweet pink Buck knife for Christmas.  Which he slipped into my stocking after the present opening.  Consequentially, I didn't find it until several days later.

17.  Dad's birthday dinner!

18.  New Year's Eve at Castles and Coasters with Audrey.  

19.  We rang in the New Year on the biggest roller coaster available.  It wasn't that big.

20.  My dear friend Stephanie got married!  

I think that pretty much covers it.  I'll try to stay more updated!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Birthday. And Stuff.

Welp, I'm 22.  Woo.

I got tickets to Les Miserables at Gammage for my birthday--it was fantastic.  Eponine seriously blew me away.  On My Own made me cry.  So, so gorgeous.

My Auntie Sonja went with me--hurray for awesome aunties!

Oh, and this happened:

Siri is just such a sassypants.

Other than that, life has been pretty boring. 

But, my bestie best is coming to visit next month!!  


Saturday, September 1, 2012


So I didn't really take any pictures of the wedding, but here's what we got outside the temple.  Apparently we need a wedding to take pictures of everyone else!  :D

The beauty Bride!

The snazzy Groom.

Shoes!  Momma and Sonja

Also Momma and Sonja

Michelle and Chito

Also Michelle and Chito.

Shelley (MOB), Momma, and Sonja


The manly men,

Proof of my redheadedness,

Baby Bro.  We love each other.

Baby Bro and Momma.  They love each other too.

Also Baby Bro and Momma.

More redheadedness.

Papa Bear.

The parentals.

"Dad, don't make squishy-face eyes!"<-- said right before I took this...

Also the Parentals.

Shoes!  Me and Momma.

Also Me and Momma.